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    In the meantime, I have some dates available in the fall, and for 2021

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  • Who I Am

    Living in your community, serving you and your family.

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    Lisa Hartley

    Family Celebrant

    Marriage is sacred to me but so is community building and ceremonies for all parts of your life. As a trained Celebrant, my heart opens when I can offer you my skill, wisdom, and broad education. I am well versed in interfaith and intercultural traditions. I love designing ceremonies for blended families, and I adore creating joyful baby blessings. I deeply believe that for your special ceremony, we can design a profound rite of passage to meet these modern times and your chosen family.


    Within my life, I have weathered both life and death, and in doing so, I see how stories give meaning to our lives. Your stories are important, and through working with a Celebrant, your ceremony will come alive. Within a Celebrant Ceremony, we have space to honour your grandparents, or parents, to have your favourite niece involved or maybe even remember your beloved dogs that died recently. All these threads are part of your personal narrative and inform my work for you as a Celebrant.


    As a Family Celebrant, my work includes birth, coming of age, marriage, and milestone birthdays and of course the end of life.


    Lisa is trained and certified by the highly respected Celebrant Institute and Foundation and recognized as an interfaith Religious Officiant in the Province of BC. She is registered with Vital Statistics to perform Weddings in British Columbia. Lisa brings to clients her creative gifts and volunteers for many organizations. She leads a local high-school parent’s advisory council and coordinates the Vancouver Women’s Health Collective free yoga program. She can be heard regularly on Roundhouse radio talking about ceremony and issues surrounding the end of life.


  • Testimonials

    Baby Blessing

    Thalia Strong,

    Crescent Beach, B.C.



    "Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for our precious daughter Thalia's baby blessing. The arrival of our little girl has meant so much to both our families in Australia and Canada and the service was the most perfect way to celebrate that love. Thank you sincerely for your warmth, professionalism and efficiency in putting together the service at short notice. Everyone felt we captured Thalia's spirit perfectly.

    -Jenny and Jason Strong


    Brian Caffelle,

    Spanish Banks, Vancouver, B.C.

    "Lisa was able to support, very intuitively, generously, and graciously, the process of respectfully honouring my former partner and best friend after his sudden passing. With input from many of his loved ones, she created a ceremony that was performed in two cities for two different groups of his friends that was tremendously heartfelt and filled with more meaning than she could have ever have known. It was hard to believe that she had never met him in person or known of the struggles he had with his mental health prior to his death, but she brought profound meaning to both of the memorial services."


    -Tara Caffelle

    A Simple Wedding Ceremony

    Ron and Nikki Daines,

    Brock House, Vancouver, B.C.

    "What an amazing job you have done!

    We are so lucky to have you as our celebrant."

    "Lisa, we cannot reiterate how fantastic this is. It made us so excited to think that this is happening in a little over a month. Thank you for taking the time to create a personal and unique ceremony for us. This is a gift to us, which we will remember and be thankful for forever.

    Thank you for including all the points we shared with you in the package we completed. You have done an absolutely amazing job highlighting all the things we value and love about one another!"


    -Ron and Nikki Daines

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    celebrant@lisahartley.com 778-228-9105

    Celebrant Certification


  • About Simply Ceremony

    Your profound ceremonial experience will be remembered forever.


    You will laugh, you will cry and you will feel a deep sense of connection with your beloved, your family and your treasured friends.


    A Vancouver Based Family Celebrant providing Ceremonies for all the transformational moments in your life like Weddings, Baby Blessings, and Memorials


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    Passion, wisdom, creativity

    Whoever you are, you are welcome here.


    As your Celebrant, I will gracefully hold space for you and your beloved, your family and your friends, as you move through the stressful times of change in your life; Birth, Death, Marriage, coming of age and even milestone birthdays.


    These transitions invite turmoil. Stress is always present with change. And change it seems is always present. By working intentionally through a ceremony that marks the event, you invite support and guidance. As well, when you share with others, letting them know what you are going through they too benefit. You become a guide for them as others are for you. With my work, I create a framework, a ceremony so that you can transition as mindfully, purposefully and intentionally as possible.


    In the past, we have relied upon our faith traditions to take care of this fundamentally important part of life. Yet, Churches, Synagogues and Mosques have let many of us down and we have stepped away from that support. While the framework that sustained many generations no longer seems meaningful it is still possible to draw from these traditions with integrity and create something strong, meaningful and relevant to our current lives.


    What does that mean? Creating a safe space with words full of integrity and intention. Laughter and play are also not very far away, truthfully, I’ve learned that a trickster will often show up when we have truly created something sacred. So no worries about getting too rigid, falsely sincere or holier than thou – I love to laugh.


    I befriend my clients, uncovering the best of them and what brings them alive. With that in mind, I design a ceremony that is truly unique yet simple enough that it can be enjoyed and experienced by everyone present.


    The process is simple. We talk. I ask you thoughtful questions and with an understanding of your values, and your dreams, I design a ceremony. You have absolute control over my words, yet, I offer my experience and wisdom so you are not floundering or forced into a role. Like handmade shoes, the fit is perfect and uniquely you. Yet, the shoe is supportive, durable, beautiful and necessary for taking your next steps in life.


    My ceremonies are handmade, in the most elegant way. Taken from the rich soil of your life experiences and designed to honour your dreams and desires.


    Let me design your brilliant unique, elegant and graceful ceremony to celebrate the times of your life.


    Providing Ceremonies for clients in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and the Sunshine Coast.